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WOW Slider can help you create beautiful slideshows intended to be played as part of webpages mainly. The application has a quite simple workflow consisting of importing elements, arranging them, adding effects, and publishing the resulting sliders. Fortunately, it works in a WYSIWYG mode, so all the changes you make are automatically displayed; so, there are no surprises in the final result.

Good news is that this application supports adding images and videos in multiple formats. Likewise, it allows importing from several sources, such as standard folders, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Photobucket, and Picasa. Once the desired objects have been imported, you can put them in the desired order or even ask the program to randomize them. In my opinion, one of the main assets of this tool is the extensive number of very nice templates, which can also be customized in terms of transition effects, delays between slides and effect duration. Moreover, it is possible to set the slider to respond to various mouse events. Thus, the slideshow can be paused or controls can be shown whenever the mouse pointer is moved over the object.

The program can import not only from various sources, it can also publish the resultant slider to a regular folder or an FTP server. Similarly, it can be shared on Facebook and Google drive. Luckily, it can also create code to insert directly on a webpage or a Wordpress slider.

In a few words, WOW Slider is an ideal tool when you need to create sliders without too much effort. In addition, it is compatible with many formats, sources, and destinations. But, most of all, it lets you use stunning transitions and effects. Unfortunately, the tool is not very versatile as it has a very specific purpose.

Pedro Castro
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  • Create beautiful sliders
  • Supports various picture and video formats
  • Importing from various sources
  • The results can be published in many ways
  • Includes lots of very nice templates


  • Has a limited purpose
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