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It creates impressive slideshows for your webpages quickly and easily
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WOW Slider allows you to create impressive and professional-looking slideshows ready to be embedded onto your webpages and/or published through your hosting service. The program creates the slideshows based on jQuery JavaScript library, however, all the code is automatically generated for you, so you can get excellent results without requiring coding knowledge or web development skills.

Despite the great functionality WOW Slider offers, it is designed to be really friendly and easy to use. To create your slideshow you should start adding your source image files, of course, but the program allows you to add not only local images but also those available on Flickr, Photobucket and Picasa online services, plus YouTube and Vimeo videos. Then you can select a template for your slideshow from among nearly 30 available options, and a single or multiple transition effects for the images/videos. Finally you can also configure the slides size and these options will be enough for most users, who now can start creating the slideshow.

However, if you are an experienced web developer, you can click on the "More Settings" button to configure other parameters such as the effects' duration, the delay between slides, the images' quality and fill color, a watermark and others. Once you are satisfied with your settings you can create your slideshow which can be done in 3 ways: saving it as a HTML file, running the "Insert to Page" wizard or publishing it. If you choose the first option, the program creates an HTML page containing your operational slideshow and detailed instructions about how to insert it into other webpages. If on the other hand you select the "Insert to Page" wizard, the program embeds your slideshow into an existing webpage for you and, finally, if you select the "Publish" option, you can publish your slideshow into different target locations such as a local folder, a FTP server, your Facebook account or your Google Drive account. Even more, WOW Slider allows you to export your slideshow as a Joomla! module or Wordpress plugin, so the program will be equally useful to you in case you use any of those content managers for web development.

To sum up, thanks to WOW Slider even novice users can create professional slideshows and embed them onto their webpages in an easy and fast way. You can use the trial version of the program indefinitely but it will insert a proprietary watermark on your slideshows until you upgrade to the commercial version.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Friendly and easy to use
  • Allows you to insert online videos and photos into your slideshows
  • Helps you insert your slideshow onto an existing webpage
  • Helps you publish your slideshow into multiple target locations
  • Allows you to export your slideshow as a Joomla! module or a Wordpress plugin


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